Module 2

Simplified hindlimb Lameness​

About this Module

This module teaches the basic evaluation of hind limb lameness. Hind limb lameness manifests in asymmetry in the vertical movement of the pelvis. You need to detect this asymmetry to detect lameness, and then relate the pattern to limb movement to determine which limb is lame. In this module, movement of the pelvis has been simplified to vertical translation, without the hip rotating.

Once you learn to successfully detect hind limb lameness in this simplified scenario, Module 3 will pick up from this skill. You will then learn to correctly evaluate hind limb lameness based on the complete, more complicated, hip movement pattern.

The principle for progression within this module is the same as that for Module 1.

You receive feedback on the correctness of your evaluation for each horse.

Guide: How to assess hindlimb lameness - part 1

Duration: 4 minutes.

This instruction video contains a comprehensive explanation of how to determine lameness based on head movement.


Duration: approximately 5 minutes.

Before starting your training, we recommend to perform this quick warm-up exercise: it lets you become familiar with the interface. There is no adaptive learning involved in this warm-up.


The Game

Duration: approximately 30 minutes.

In this game you will learn to correctly classify simplified hindlimb lameness all the way to subtle lameness. Enjoy 🙂

Rules for this Module

Game Interface

Below is the interface for Module 2. Feedback and controls are on the left, your points, performance and levels are tracked on the right.

Aim of the Game

Collect points while completing all 6 levels (and if you are keen, the bonus level 7) without losing your lives. If you lose nine lives, it is game over and you start from the beginning.

How it works

In this module, you will learn to progress through seven levels of ever increasing difficulty.

On each level, you have to assess:

• Whether the horse is lame or not

• If it is lame, which forelimb is affected

If you correctly assess 4 horses in a row, you jump up one level. If you incorrectly assess a horse, the penalties below apply. If you are unsure about an assessment, please additionally tick the ‘not sure box’ on the user interface.


You score points for each successful evaluation depending on how often you review a clip and at which level you are: the more difficult the level, the more points you receive for a correct evaluation. Within each level, you always get two more points if you watch a clip just once, one more point if you watch the clip just twice and the default number of points if you watch the clip more often than this.


Penalties apply if you pass an incorrect verdict:

• 1 x wrong: → Points wiped for level

• 2 x wrong: → Points wiped for level

→ Bumped back 1 level

→ One life lost


You start the game with 9 lives. Each life is worth 10 points at the end of the game, so you start with 90 points ‘in the bag’. If you lose a life, you lose 10 of these points. Repeating a previous level scores you 5 grace points.

Please check back on PC (or Tablet)

This game currently does not run on mobile. It is designed for PC and runs on some tablets. Please switch to another device to play.