Thank you

Seed Funding

The work would not have been possible without the generous financial support by the Eranda Foundation, funding Sandra Starke’s position via the Animal Care Trust for 6 months to develop the content you are now playing with. We cannot thank this foundation enough!


We would like to thank the Wetenschappelijke Vereniging voor de Gezondheid van het Paard (WVGP) – or freely translated the “Scientific Society for Equine Health” – for their donation to support development and maintenance of the LamenessTrainer. The WVGP is a non-profit organization that aims to progress equine health by supporting education and research in the field of veterinary medicine and equine health in general.

Roll of Honour - Community Funding

We would like to thank the community for their financial support that ensures continued development of this game while keeping it free for all to use. We would like to thank all those who have contributed to our fundraiser:

Daniel Boddice, Shajdur Rahman, Jennifer Harman, Maarten Oosterlinck, Anna Mokry, Laurie Tyrrell-Schroeder, Mark Baus, AJ Jones, Elaine Norris, Paul Artes, Jason Beck, Jim Skelton, Yvonne Elce and our anonymous supporters.


We would like to thank Jonathan Forrest, Nadja Hale and Sarah Knight from the RVC’s Animal Care Trust for their enthusiastic support of the project and their amazing help in making the work reality.

Of course this work had many more helping hands and we would like to especially thank Emil Olsen for help during data acquisition of optical motion capture data (you can see Emil running the horse in the video), Justin Perkins for giving us access to the horse which data were collected from, Sarah Channon and Matthew Pead for helping with curriculum integration at the RVC as well as Anna Liedtke, Becky Parkes, Michelle Reeve, Jo Gordon and Luis Lamas for discussing and testing different stages of the application.


We would like to thank Maarten Oosterlinck for his incredible support and championing of this game and his continued drive to make studies happen by bringing together amazing people. One paper down, more to go!